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  • Number One Wholesaler In The U.S.
  • All Ricoh copiers are available, old and new models

Ricoh is one of the largest commercial photocopier manufactures in the world, and RicohWholesale.com, managed by Equipment Brokers Unlimited, is the largest wholesaler of quality used Ricoh copiers in the world. If your dealership sells high volume copiers with multi-function capabilities, buying a used Ricoh copier from us will save you thousands of dollars. We offer all models of used Ricoh copiers including black and white copiers, color copiers, various page per minute copiers, and all copier accessories. We also offer the latest models from the complete line of Ricoh Aficio copiers.

In determining the right Ricoh copier for your clients, the Page per Minute (PPM) output for both Black and White copiers and color copiers are defined in the Ricoh copier model number. In Ricoh copier model numbers the first 2 digits in the number represent PPM and an additional "C" in the copier model number specifies color. For example the Ricoh AficioMP C4500 is a used color copier with a page per minute of 45 copies. Depending on your customers needs will best determine the PPM model that will work best. 

EBU has thousands of quality used Ricoh copiers in stock and ready to ship from one of our 3 warehouses in the U.S.   We offer all Ricoh Aficio copier models including the popular Ricoh MP 5000, MP 4000, MP C2050, MP C2550, MP C2500, MP C3500, and the MP C4500.  We have meter numbers starting at 0 (new), quality low meter Ricoh copiers, and well as high value, high meter Ricoh machines.  

For export needs, we also offer mixed containers to meet all your Ricoh model needs ready to ship to all regions of the world specializing in Central and South America

Aficio 1022
Aficio 1027
Aficio 1035
Aficio 1045
Aficio 1055
Aficio 1060
Aficio 1075
Aficio 1085
Aficio 1515
Aficio 2016
Aficio 2018
Aficio 2020D
Aficio 2022
Aficio 2027
Aficio 2035
Aficio 2045
Aficio 3025
Aficio 3030
Aficio 3035
Aficio 3045
Aficio MP 1100
Aficio MP 1600
Aficio MP 1600L
Aficio MP 161
Aficio MP 171
Aficio MP 2000
Aficio MP 2000 L
Aficio MP 2500
Aficio MP 2510
Aficio MP 2550
Aficio MP 2851
Aficio MP 2852
Aficio MP 3010
Aficio MP 3350
Aficio MP 3350
Aficio MP 3500
Aficio MP 4000
Aficio MP 4001
Aficio MP 5000
Aficio MP 5001
Aficio MP 5500
Aficio MP 6000
Aficio MP 6001
Aficio MP 6500
Aficio MP 7001
Aficio MP 7500
Aficio MP 8000
Aficio MP 8001
Aficio MP 9001
Pro 1106ex
Pro 1107
Pro 1356ex
Pro 906ex
Aficio MP C2000
Aficio MP C2030
Aficio MP C2050
Aficio MP C2051
Aficio MP C2500
Aficio MP C2500 EFI
Aficio MP C2550
Aficio MP C2551
Aficio MP C2800
Aficio MP C3000
Aficio MP C3001
Aficio MP C3002
Aficio MP C3300
Aficio MP C3500
Aficio MP C3500 EFI
Aficio MP C3501
Aficio MP C3502
Aficio MP C4000
Aficio MP C4500
Aficio MP C4500 EFI
Aficio MP C4501
Aficio MP C4502
Aficio MP C5000
Aficio MP C5501
Aficio MP C5502
Aficio MP C6000
Aficio MP C6501
Aficio MP C7500
Aficio MP C7501
Aficio SP C222SF
Pro C550ex
Pro C700ex
Aficio MP W3601
Aficio MP W5100
Aficio MP W7140
Aficio SP W2470
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